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Erosion Control

The primary objectives of an erosion control system are to​ immediately arrest sediment loss by stabilizing the shoreline or hillside and re-establish native aquatics plants and upland vegetation.

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Hillside Stabilization

We offer Bio-Engineering methods for slope stabilization and erosion control that provide numerous advantages. Our system is low cost and easy to install. Rather than disintegrating over time, system strength increases as root systems develop and the structures become more stable.

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Land Reclamation

Reclamation techniques are used to combat and prevent erosion of unstable land, methods are required to be both effective and environmentally safe. Land reclamation is done through reinforcing vegetated slopes and maximizing available land, the result is aesthetic and permanent. 

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Shoresox™ products

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Innovative Technology

The SHORESOX™ system works-naturally. Our customers know it and our competitors know it.

Bio-engineered, Eco-Friendly and Effective

Immediately halts soil erosion and stabilizes shorelines and hillsides.
Long lasting results that continue to improve over time
Superior buffering and filtering results in improved waterways and ecosystems.
Biodegradable and photo-degradable materials naturally degrade over a planned period.

Flexible Design System

Uses locally sourced organic fill
Available in many lengths and able to follow natural contours of shoreline.
Lightweight materials allow SHORESOX™ to be shipped at a fraction of the cost of commonly used erosion products.
SHORESOX™ can be hand carried to the installation site with no heavy machinery that would cause collateral damage to the existing environment.

Patented Safe Anchoring System

Attaches directly to “intact” shore bank NOT to unstable shore bed.
Provides for back-filling of additional growth fill materials and new vegetation
Allows Shoresox™ to be retensioned whenever necessary.
Subsurface/ below ground stakes virtually eliminates injury liability to humans and animals.
System actually self-tightens due to its ability to manage incredible weight displacement.

How does it work?

We place the patented SHORESOX™containment fabric in a strategic location along the shoreline of your lake, pond, beach, canal or hillside;

We blow in organic and biodegradable material to fill the containment system; We roll the containment system to engirdle the entire shoreline and protect it from further erosion.

Finally, we use the Shoresox’s anchor system to secure the containment barrier and then implant it with native vegetation.


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